The Ultimate WordPress Checklist

If you’re constantly creating new WordPress sites for yourself, or clients, then you know how many small changes you need to make to WordPress before it is usable. This checklist will help ease the headache and ensure you do not miss a single change ever again.

30 Ways to Make Money with PLR Articles (2015)

You’re going to discover over 30+ ways to use PLR articles and software to make an income online. Before we jump in, let’s get this out of the way: In most cases it’s a good idea if you rewrite the PLR so that you are using unique content. That point won’t specifically be mentioned in most of the strategies listed below. However, you should assume it’s generally a good idea to modify the PLR at least partially – about 20-30% or so.   1. Load articles into an autoresponder You already know you need to load up an autoresponder series as …

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My Fiverr Ranking Tactics

Proven Tactics to Rank Your Fiverr Gigs Fiverr is massively popular right now and I'm sure you've seen the insane amount of WSO's out that claim they have the answer to making you a passive income online. The problem is this: you and hundreds (if not thousands) of others have read and watched the same WSO and have jumped onto Fiverr to create the EXACT same service so instantly the service is saturated on the Fiverr marketplace. So what you will find is you simply cannot get any real views coming in and, as a result, you receive very few or ...

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Fiverr Survival Guide: Video Marketing

My Tried & Tested Fiverr Gigs to Rank Your Video's Have you used Fiverr in the past to try and rank a video but met miserable failure with it? Join the club! When I first started video marketing, I heard people talking about Fiverr and thought it would be a great place to get my videos ranked cheap and I would see a flood of affiliate commissions come rolling in. I almost decided that Fiverr was the wrong place to do any form of SEO. That was until I found some gems in amongst the dung pile of SEO gigs ...

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21 free authority backlinks to help your Google rankings

Franklin has released another great post about the backlinks he creates for each of his new affiliate sites. These should be the very least you do for any video or website you are trying to launch.   21 Free Authority Backlink Sources (Links In Minutes)

Best Long Tail Pro Review (2015)

Long Tail Pro Review Version 3.0 of Long Tail Pro is their most powerful and feature-rich release to date. Added features like: Real-Time Filtering Fetch Missing Data 1-Click Competition Analysis More Flexibility with Search Results Brand-New User Interface Add Notes for Keywords Deeper Keyword Results   On top of the improved core features marketers have enjoyed for years: Uncover 1000’s of Lucrative Keywords in Seconds Search Multiple Seed Keywords at Once Check Domain Availability Monitor Keyword Rankings Analyze Your Competition per Keyword It's Lightning FAST! What is Long Tail Pro v3.0? Watch the Demo Video Below Watch the Demo of ...

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