Fiverr Survival Guide: Video Marketing

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My Tried & Tested Fiverr Gigs to Rank Your Video's

Have you used Fiverr in the past to try and rank a video but met miserable failure with it? Join the club!

When I first started video marketing, I heard people talking about Fiverr and thought it would be a great place to get my videos ranked cheap and I would see a flood of affiliate commissions come rolling in.

I almost decided that Fiverr was the wrong place to do any form of SEO. That was until I found some gems in amongst the dung pile of SEO gigs on Fiverr.

Since then I have been using Fiverr for my video SEO to give my Youtube videos a massive boost and really push some of the big players in the affiliate game hard on the big product launches.Now, I have decided to create a FREE PDF and release it as a WSO for a limited time to help out others who are in the same boat that I used to be in.

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