Best Google Assistant Headphones (in 2019)

Recently, I decided to start learning Spanish again (you can find my new Spanish blog here) and I have been finding Google Translate to be extremely useful for random words that come to mind.

My brain then jumped to the idea about how this could be used in a more convenient way if I were out and about in Spain and I needed to very quickly look a phrase up.

Amazingly, there are earphones around that allow you do just that. Google Assistant embedded headphones that create an, almost, Star Trek Universal Translator.

You can tap the headphone, open the mic on them and they have it translate someone near you in near real-time.

As as result, I decided to put together a list of the best Google Assistant headphones currently on the market in 2019.

Here they are…

My #5 Top Google Assistant Headphones

Planning to take full advantage of Google’s AI voice assistant? This proves to be a fascinating time, but receiving a high-quality pair of headphones is a lot more challenging than you may think. After Google announced that Google Assistant is originating to a few wireless headphones, individuals are left with a myriad of outstanding choices, each of which boasts its own list of features and abilities.

It’s worth noting that these particular headphones include their own Assistant, letting you connect to your Google Assistant even without a smartphone with you. Here’s a summary of the five best Google Assistant headphones in the marketplace at this time.



Google Assistant On/Around-Ear Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

A short while ago, QuietComfort 35 II was one of only two headphones optimized for Google Assistant. Many headphones have since entered the scene, but QuietComfort 35 II remains one of many top choices. Bose retains the identical design from the latest iteration of this wireless over-ear headphones, to help you bet that you’ll get fantastic audio and superb noise cancellation.

Stand-out Features:

•Acoustic Noise Cancelling – Smartly measures, compares, and reacts to outside noise. This headphone automatically cancels noise with the opposite signal to produce excellent sounds.

•Volume-Optimized EQ – Adjusting volume typically affects audio-quality, but that’s far from the truth with QuietComfort 35 II. The quantity-optimized EQ means you’ll get consistent performance irrespective of the volume level.

•Clear Calls – Call quality should always be taken into consideration when selecting headphones. Be assured that you’ll hear and be heard regardless if making calls during harsh outdoor conditions.

•Voice Assistants – QuietComfort 35 II is the first pair of headphones that include an Action button. Press and hold this button to start out getting together with Google Assistant or Alexa.

•Outstanding Battery Life – Listen to your chosen tunes for approximately 20 hours. The quick recharging capabilities of such headphones present you with 2.5 hours of battery life within just quarter-hour.


JBL Everest 710GA

If you’re searching for around-ear wireless headphones, the JBL Everest 710GA should sit on top of your list. Easily connect these headphones along with your smartphone via Bluetooth and begin using Assistant to obtain notifications, take control of your music, and then make calls. With JBL’s Pro Audio Sound, expect nothing lower than the most effective from the gorgeously-built headphones.

Stand-out Features:

•Legendary Pro Audio Sound – A similar technology JBL uses to supply incredible sound to concert halls and studios. Now, you can have the identical audio quality in your headphones.

•Google Assistant Ready – The earcup hosts a touch sensor, giving fast access to Google Assistant. Take control of your music and receive notifications without taking a look at your phone.

•Connect and Share – Provided with ShareMe 2. technology, you may pair the JBL Everest 710GA along with other Bluetooth headphones in order to share videos, games, and music.

•25-Hour Battery Lifespan – 25 hours of playing time is more than enough even for hardcore users. And as it pertains time and energy to recharge, you may top off the battery within just 2 hours.


Sony WH-1000XM2

Sony launched an application update that introduced Google Assistant towards the Sony WH-1000XM2. You’ll need to take away the power over ambient sound, because the button now triggers Google Assistant. The functions include controlling music playback and in many cases smart home products.

Stand-out Features:

•Industry-Leading Noise Cancellation – Sony takes pride in providing the best noise cancellation technology in the marketplace. These headphones don’t only eliminate noise, but in addition adjusts your personal listening style using personal and atmospheric pressure optimizing technology.

•Adaptive Sound Control – Experience exactly how smart these headphones are no matter what you’re doing. Adaptive Sound Control detects the action you’re doing like walking, waiting, or traveling then makes the necessary alterations in ambient sounds to the perfect audio experience.

•Quick Attention – Placing your hands over the housing turns the amount down, letting you communicate without removing your headphones.

•Virtual Surround Sound – Immerse yourself in incredible sound wherever you will be. These headphones deliver terrific audio optimized for a variety of environments including arenas, halls, and clubs.


Google Assistant In-Ear Headphones

Google Pixel Buds

Naturally, Pixel Buds was the 1st pair of headphones to offer built in Google Assistant. Although it lags behind in terms of ergonomics and design, it can do remarkably well within its Google Assistant implementation. Tap and talk is all it takes to start out getting together with your smart headphones.

Stand-out Features:

•Clamshell Casing and Charging Base – The Pixel Buds are housed in the clamshell casing that also functions as its charging base. It’s simple yet convenient, helping you to maintain your headphones neatly no matter where you are going.

•Excellent Quality Of Sound – These headphones sit away from the inner ear, but they don’t disappoint in delivering full and crisp audio.

•Tap and Talk – Google did an excellent job at introducing how Google Assistant ready headphones ought to be designed. The tap and talk feature allows everyone to get started on getting together with Assistant with minimal fuss.


JBL Everest 110GA

Much like its around-ear counterpart, the JBL Everest 110GA features touch sensors to provide you with quick access to Google Assistant. JBL emphasizes the impeccable sound delivery of such in-ear headphones, and they’re living up to this claim. The Legendary JBL Pro Audio Sound offers dynamic acoustic performance.

•Echo canceling microphone – The built in microphone comes with echo cancellation technology. This makes for superior calls in different environments.

•Quick Access to Google Assistant – The touch sensors in the inline handheld remote control provides the quickest strategy to use Google Assistant. Instantly control your music, get notifications, and adjust volume without the need for your mobile device.

•Legendary Pro Audio Sound – The JBL Everest 110GA also features the Legendary JBL Pro Audio Sound for unparalleled audio quality. Pay attention to your favorite music or videos just as if you’re in a concert hall or live studio.

•Ergonomic Design – These headphones are created to match every contour of your ear, enabling you to pay attention to music comfortably even for hours on end.

•8-Hour Battery Lifespan – With 8 hours of battery lifespan, these headphones offer enough juice to serve you for a day. The fast recharge technology offers you a whole battery within just two hours.

There you have it. My list of the best Google Assistant headphones currently available on the market.

Best Google Assistant Headphones (in 2019)
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