Best Long Tail Pro Review (2015)

Long Tail Pro Review

Version 3.0 of Long Tail Pro is their most powerful and feature-rich
release to date.

Added features like:

  • Real-Time Filtering
  • Fetch Missing Data
  • 1-Click Competition Analysis
  • More Flexibility with Search Results
  • Brand-New User Interface
  • Add Notes for Keywords
  • Deeper Keyword Results


On top of the improved core features marketers have
enjoyed for years:

  • Uncover 1000’s of Lucrative Keywords in Seconds
  • Search Multiple Seed Keywords at Once
  • Check Domain Availability
  • Monitor Keyword Rankings
  • Analyze Your Competition per Keyword
  • It’s Lightning FAST!

What is Long Tail Pro v3.0?

Watch the Demo Video Below

Watch the Demo of Long Tail Pro Platinum Edition (OTO1)

long tail pro review