Elite Proxy Machine Review – is this the best (and cheapest) proxies in 2015?

My Honest Review on Elite Proxy Machine


I’m a bit late to the game with this review of Only Elite Proxies by Cliff Carrigan and the reason for that is because I hadn’t had a chance to buy it and test it. As with all my reviews, I only review those products I’ve personally bought and tested myself.

There are some fairly big claims going on with this launch, namely that this very low cost product can replace your existing private proxy service. That would mean one small up front cost for the software and then no more monthly recurring fees as you would get with every private proxy company around.

You can check out the sales demo video below before we get into my case study:


So why I am interested in Only Elite Proxies?

I’m by no means a power house proxy user however I do spend out monthly on a private proxy plan with Instant Proxies and I’m pretty happy with them to be quite honest. I use them for GSA SER, Social Robot and some other software. However, I’m also open to cutting my monthly out goings so I decided to pick up a 3-PC license copy and put it to the test.


16th July 2015 @11:30am – I purchased Only Elite Proxies

16th July 2015 @ 11:35am – trying to test the software but hitting an error when it starts the process of trying to find fresh proxies. Tested on another PC at home and same problem. Tried to install on my Windows Server 2012 VPS and installer won’t run on anything other than XP, 8, 8 and 8.1.

16th July 2015 @ 11:40am – emailed Cliff for a fix and to request support for installing on 2012 server

16th July 2015 @ 4:18pm – email back from Cliff stating this issue is affecting a number of his customers and he is looking at the problem

16th July 2015 @ 8.33pm – Cliff has sent out an email to all customers notifying them of the known problem. He is suggesting there might be a workaround in the works by setting up affected users on a server with VPN access. Will await next update. Not impressed with that concept to be quite honest.

18th July 2015 @ 12.52am – received an email from Cliff stating a big update is ready and there won’t be a need for the VPN workaround now

18th July 2015 @ 12.00pm – I’ve tested software on my two home PC’s and it works now. Also installs on my 2012 server VPS too.


Here is a screenshot of it successfully retrieving a proxy list:

free proxy tools download


Only Elite Proxies Interface

The interface of Only Elite Proxies is pretty simple and to the point. What you see above it the main front end and below is the settings screen:


best free proxy server software 2015


So really not a great deal of options but why have them if you don’t need them, right. The only thing that this software could (and should) include at some point is a means of scheduling a fresh proxy list which is then exported to a text file. That would make life easier as most software does support pulling in lists of proxies from a text file on a periodic basis.


Testing the Proxy List

On this test run of the software, it spat out 328 Elite Proxies and 103 Anonymous Proxies. I then ran the elite proxy list through GSA proxy checker and the results are below:

Elite Proxies
Google Search: 11 / 325 alive [SCREENSHOT] Google PR:  92 / 325 alive [SCREENSHOT]

Anonymous Proxies
Google Search: 4 / 103 alive [SCREENSHOT] Google PR:  26 / 103 alive [SCREENSHOT]



The big selling point of Elite Proxy Machine is that it will replace your current private proxy provider. From the results above I disagree.

Yes, I will find use for these proxies where I would prefer not to burn out my private proxies, however, it definitely will not replace my Instant Proxies subscription. It badly needs a scheduling capability with the option to do an alive test against Google search and then export the working proxies to a text file. This would make it vastly more useful.



=== Grab Elite Proxy Machine here (not recommended) ===

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