Secret Backlink Source #1: Infographic Site Backlinking

Infographics can help drive a massive amount of traffic to your website while you gain natural whitehat backlinks. Infographics are a visual representation of complex information and/or data. An infographic makes it MUCH easier to read hence they are so popular with people sharing them constantly on social networks.

A good infographic can also encourage someone to link back to your website. This, n turn, can create a quality backlink along with social signals.


So how can we create backlinks from an Infographic?

The quickest way to build backlinks to your Infographic is to submit it to popular Infographic distribution websites. Almost of all which will allow you to credit a link back to the original designer or publisher.

To help you get started, I have listed below a number of sites where you can create some great infographics and do not require you to spend any money doing so.

  1. http://piktochart.compiktochart






NOTE: you should keep in mind that when designing an infographic you need to consider 6-8 data points and not more. Otherwise this will distract the user and they will lose interest quickly. The better the content the better the it will perform.


Video Tutorials on Infographic Creation

  1. Tutorial >>
  2. Tutorial >>
  3. Tutorial >>
  4. Piktochart Tutorial >>


Website to Post Your Infographic

The following list are websites you can submit your new infographic to for FREE and will generate HIGH PR DOFOLLOW PERMANENT BACKLINKS.


















This are just a few of the many sites that allow you to post Infographics to.

After building around 2-30 links you will see some Google dancing as these links start to really boost your site rankings and improve your SERP position almost overnight!

Fiverr has some great gigs for infographic creation and submissions too.


The Ultimate WordPress Checklist

If you’re constantly creating new WordPress sites for yourself, or clients, then you know how many small changes you need to make to WordPress before it is usable. This checklist will help ease the headache and ensure you do not miss a single change ever again.
wordpress website setup checklist

How do social signals impact SEO and rankings?

Discover why social signals are a big Google rankings factor in 2015 with this easy to read infographic.


Fiverr Forum Post

21 free authority backlinks to help your Google rankings

Franklin has released another great post about the backlinks he creates for each of his new affiliate sites. These should be the very least you do for any video or website you are trying to launch.


21 Free Authority Backlink Sources (Links In Minutes)

WordPress Site Peformance – Best and cheap ways to speed up WP (2015)

We all know how slow WordPress can be. So here is an excellent infographic showing you the top 16 ways to improve your WordPress website speed and performance.



WordPress Speed Factors – Best ways to make WP faster and safer

Anyone who has used WordPress for longer than 5 minutes knows how memory hungry and slow it can be. This is a handy infographic to help make your WordPress sites much faster!


make faster wordpress site

Top 23 High PR Image Sharing Sites List for 2015

Are you looking for high PR backlinks from free high PR photo sharing websites? Then you should check out my list of the top 23 free image sharing sites for 2015.


Looking for the best authority  photo sharing sites in 2015



  • – PR7
  • – PR6



SEO Training Course for Beginners (Updated: 2018)

Affiloblueprint: An Honest Affiliate Marketing System


AffiloBlueprint is a step-by-step guide to creating an affiliate marketing website. It was created by Mark Ling, an 8-figure affiliate. Before I jump into what is included, and whether it is worth it or not, I want to tell you a bit more about Mark’s story – and I think you’ll be very surprised.

AffiloBlueprint lays out a solid system (or Blueprint, if you will) that makes it as streamlined as possible. 

AffiloBlueprint is exactly what it says it is – a blueprint. It tells you what you need to do, step-by-step guide to creating an affiliate website by scratch. It contains 12 modules. Each module includes over-the-shoulder videos, PDF notes and homework to complete. At the end of the course, you’ll have a finished website – and, just as importantly, traffic too!

This is great for new affiliates, who still don’t understand all of the steps involved, and need a blueprint to follow. I went through it, and I can personally tell you that Mark Ling’s formula works. And he has left nothing out – it is all there.

Get One-On-One Help With Mark Ling’s Support Staff

Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to someone who can look over your website, and give you suggestions to improve it? Wouldn’t it be nice to have mentors on-hand? When you purchase AffiloBlueprint, you will also get the opportunity to talk with support staff as much as you like! They can give you one-on-one training, help and answers. Other services usually charge hundreds to thousands of dollars for this, making it an absolute steal.

On that note…


AffiloBlueprint Will Actually Save You Money And Pay For Itself

Obviously, it will pay for itself by teaching you how to make a money-magnet website. But it will also save you money – right now. As a new affiliate, my guess is you’ve bought lots and lots of products and services, such as web hosting, and SEO tools. All of those things are great – but the monthly expenses add up! One thing I really enjoyed with AffiloBlueprint is it taught me how to do everything using FREE tools. So you can rank websites in Google using FREE tools and services. They even include free website hosting for up to 5 websites for a year!

But AffiloBlueprint Has A Downside – So Be Careful!

AffiloBlueprint gives you everything you need to succeed, but it doesn’t give you a website in your lap. It comes with homework modules, and you have to actually DO the work – otherwise, you won’t even make money. If you want a made-for-you solution, you will need to look elsewhere because this isn’t it. They have purposefully given you the training and not made the sites so that they can offer it for a reduced price.

If You Want A Formula For Success, This Is It

As long as you are willing to do the work and follow the system, you are guaranteed to make a website that is exactly how Mark Ling does it. It is really easy to follow the instructions, and no matter what, you have a 60-day money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose. Check it out before the FREE bonuses expire, which are worth $164 by themselves!

To find out what they are and to see AffiloBlueprint for yourself, check it out here:

You can read more about this training course here.